Have children, pets, or everyday use left your expensive furniture looking stained or dingy?

Furniture cleaning can be difficult without the proper equipment, and could result in more harm than good if done improperly. Most manufacturers recommend having upholstery professionally cleaned every 12-18 months.
Professional upholstery cleaning will both improve the appearance of your furniture and protect your investment by extending life of your furniture. Regular upholstery cleaning will also remove indoor air pollutants such as dust mites, and pollen leading to a healthier indoor air quality.
The BAYVIEW ON-SITE certified technicians can safely clean any fabric and style of furniture. From sofas to dining room chairs, your upholstery will be deep cleaned and refreshed; including those fine fabrics which are “dry clean only.”

BAYVIEW ON-SITE Upholstery Cleaning Process

In order to loosen embedded soils and stains, we start with a thorough deep vacuuming. A cleaning solution is sprayed onto the fabric. Then using the injection/extraction method the cleaning solution is injected into the fibers and extracts the soil and solution from the fabric. This method of cleaning is very effective on virtually any fabric.
For certain fine fabrics such as silk, chintz, velvet, chenille, moire, etc., we also have the ability to dry clean fabrics. BAYVIEW ON-SITE’s experience and education enables us to properly identify your fabric type and choose the appropriate upholstery cleaning method.
After every cleaning, we recommend our Fabric Protector. Our protector penetrates fibers and prevents most food and beverage spills from absorbing so that you can blot them up easily. It is like an invisible shield, protecting your investment.
Don’t worry about spending hours trying to clean your furniture on your own. By hiring professional upholstery cleaners, your furniture will be clean and refreshed, without being damaged.
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