BAYVIEW ON-SITE is committed to preserving precious investments – your area and oriental rugs! Our certified experts use a combination of modern technology, old-world craftsmanship and gentle cleaning solutions to delicately care for each unique piece. With proper attention, these fabrics can last up to 100 years or longer – safeguarding effortlessly against the test of time.

We have solution for your carpets!

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a freshly cleaned carpet in your home. Not only does it brighten up an entire room, but regular carpet cleaning has many health benefits as well. From eliminating dust mites and pet dander to reducing allergy symptoms, taking care of your carpets not only makes them look better but can help maintain a healthier indoor environment for everyone in the household. The right carpet cleaning service can provide services that deep clean area rugs /carpets and make sure they stay looking their best all year-round

Commercial Carpet cleaning:

Are you a business owner looking to keep your carpets fresh and clean?

Commercial carpet cleaning is essential for every business hoping to create an inviting environment. Keeping the workplace pleasant is key for employee morale and productivity, but it can be hard to stay on top of when running a business. That’s where commercial carpet cleaning comes in – with the right process and tools, you can maintain cleaner carpets for longer periods of time!

Pet Urine Removal

Your rug and furniture suffer a lot when you have pets. From muddy paws to shedding fur and, unfortunately, accidents like pet urine can quickly ruin carpets and even fabric upholstery. Even if the stains are visible right away, the odors just trapped inside over time can make living spaces unbearable.

Our team provides unparalleled pet urine odor removal service. We not only eliminate the source of odors – like expelled salts, but also ensure a deep clean that uses exclusive BAYVIEW ON-SITE solutions for complete freshness! Rugs are fully immersed and all contaminants painstakingly removed to give you beautiful carpets with no trace of smelly or unwanted elements.