Do you have other textiles in your home that you would like to be cleaned and refreshed?

In addition to window treatment and upholstery cleaning, BAYVIEW ON-SITE is able to clean mattresses, pillows, lampshades – even pool table tops!  Basically, if there’s fabric on it, we can clean it!

Room Accessories

Dust and dirt can settle and stain just about any fabric surface in your home, which is why having a professional upholstery cleaner do a thorough cleaning sweep of your home regularly is important for both air quality and appearance.
BAYVIEW ON-SITE can handle cleaning any size, shape, or fabric type with ease and expertise.


Were you aware you could have your mattress professional cleaned?  The average person spends about 1/3 of their life sleeping, and over time your mattress absorbs items from the surrounding environment along with a steady build up of your biological “leftovers” such as hair, dead skin cells, and sweat.
Mattresses should be cleaned in order to:
  1. Prevent the build-up of biological matter
  2. Prevent the accumulation of allergens such as dust mite, pet dander, pollen
  3. Remove mattress stains
  4. Remove mattress odors
  5. Fabric care and protection
BAYVIEW ON-SITE will do the heavy lifting for you and have your mattress clean and sanitized.